Bleed: Adds $10.00. A bleed is printing ink that goes to or off the edge of the sticker. Examples of copy that sometimes will be requested to bleed: reverses, borders, ruled lines, bars, etc. When providing artwork, please extend bleeds 1/16" out beyond labels edge.

Reverse Printing: Adds $10.00 (Bleed is included). Reverse printing is when the ink color prints as the background, and the text is the color of the material. Unless specified otherwise, it is assumed that the reverse bleeds. If you do not want the reverse to bleed, there needs to be at least a 1/16" unprinted border or margin around the edge of the label.

Red Ink on White Gloss Material:    

Border shown with a bleed
(No Reverse)

Reverse Print shown with a bleed

Reverse Print with an unprinted margin (No Bleed)

Margin: The print area on all stickers is 1/16" in from the edge of the sticker, unless a bleed is requested.

Screens in your artwork: Adds $10.00 per color that includes a screen. A screen is a halftone or dot pattern that prints a shade or percent lighter than the solid color. Graduated screens require a 7% minimum shade. Screens cannot be printed over screens (they can be printed over solid colors). These prices do not apply to 4 color process printing (photographic images or graphics that include a rainbow effect). If you need 4 color process printing, please request a quote.

Red ink with a 30% screen __ Blue Ink with a graduated screen & text "reversed" out


Preferred file formats: CDR Corel Draw, EPS Encapsulated PostScript (PRN, EPS, AI), Bitmaps (BMP or TIFF) 600 dpi or better, Word DOC or Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF files. It's a good idea to convert fonts to curves or paths in case we do not have the font or type style.

Multicolored art: If your logo or art is multicolored, we prefer you provide it in a vector format (CDR, EPS, AI, and sometimes PDF). If your multicolored art is in a bitmap format (BMP, TIFF or JPEG), please email your art, before placing your order, so we can determine if we will be able to use it. If you have 2 or more colors that overlap or blend into each other, you may need to get a special quote for 4-color process printing.

If you have any questions you are invited to call or email us.

To Email Logo or Art:
1. Click on the link below* to go to the email box.
2. In the Message Box, type in the label size or a short description of your label
....to help us match the art with the correct order.
3. Do not forget to attach the art file!

* E-mail Art or Logo Now


Artwork: Please send a fine quality black and white print out. If your logo or art is multicolored, please provide it color separated (each color as a separate black image with register or crop marks). See Logo & Art Specifications for details about margins, bleeds, or screens. 

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